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Follow along as Giulia from Luca goes on a journey through Pixar's pipeline.

Writers and artists create the story and concept art

During the story phase, the plot, pacing, and even the camera angles get fine-tuned. Sometimes changes are made to the story later in the pipeline.

Pixar in a Box

Continue to explore using Pixar in a Box, a set of lessons developed by Pixar and Khan Academy. Follow the links for lessons on Color Science and The Art of Storytelling.

Ask a Pixar Scientist

  • How do Pixar artists and animators overcome art blocks?
    — Mehrshada
    In our discussions we've had with Pixar employees, there really isn't a way to avoid art blocks (much like writers block). The key is to keep focus. You may have times you have to walk away - there may be a time you have to explore a new area of art to crack open your field again. Keep pushing and creating.
    — T. J. Wolsos